PRESS RELEASE: Good Robot to Launch AirQ an Indoor Air Monitoring Solution for the Pandemic

August 18, 2020

TORONTO, ON CANADA — Good Robot Monitoring Inc. (“Good Robot”) a research company specializing in new product development and market entry consulting, has announced a new extension of its business into indoor air quality measurement. The newly branded entity, AirQ will offer a solution for those who wish to manage the infection risks of indoor air. AirQ’s all-in-one sensor for the pandemic will measure and log both concentrations of exhaled breath and the efficacy of filtering systems. Together, these measures will assist organizations in their back-to-work plans and aid them in establishing estimates for safe levels of occupancy for their indoor spaces. Says Good Robot’s CEO, Alan Majer, “For many organizations, the relative risk, or safety, of indoor air is largely invisible and poorly understood. The launch of AirQ will help eliminate these uncertainties, allowing businesses to more accurately assess and manage indoor air quality.” Decisions based on evidence and data help improve workplace safety and illuminate new options for mitigating risks. AirQ’s new all-in-one sensor will be available starting October 5, 2020.

About Good Robot:

Launched in 2011, Good Robot has helped prototype and launch dozens of projects and prototypes, from online sharing communities, to complex IoT systems. Good Robot’s ability to connect the dots between market/customer opportunities and cutting-edge technology is an essential part of Good Robot’s innovation process.


Teresa Ascencao

Alan Majer

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