PRESS RELEASE: AirQ Secures Multinational Company as First Customer for Air Quality Sensor made for the Pandemic

October 5, 2020

TORONTO, ON CANADA — AirQ, a newly launched brand focused on indoor air quality measurement, has shipped its first product — an all-in-one sensor that assists organizations in their back-to-work plans, during and post pandemic. The first production batch of sensors was pre-sold, and is being shipped to AirQ’s first customer this week. The multi-national customer has used AirQ’s indoor air measurement capabilities to gather indoor air quality data that has informed its back-to-work strategies — including estimated safe room occupancy levels, and modelling the impact of indoor air quality on reducing infection risks within the company’s various office environments.

AirQ’s all-in-one sensor measures and logs the concentrations of lingering exhaled air in indoor spaces, and monitors the efficacy of air filtering systems. AirQ continuously monitors and logs 10 different data points that can be used to assess indoor air safety in real time, or support an evidence-based approach to room capacity planning. “AirQ’s first customer understands the importance of managing air quality and how that contributes to the safety of employees. They have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of those who choose to return to the office, and that includes gathering hard data on exhaled air concentrations within their office space, as well as the occupancy levels that can be supported by their facility’s air handling system,” says AirQ’s founder Alan Majer.

As businesses prepare for a second wave, managing risks through approaches based on data and evidence is more important than ever. The quality of indoor air is one of the primary factors governing infection risks, and an area where even small changes can have a substantial impact on risk reduction. AirQ removes guesswork and uncertainty in back-to-work planning. Customers benefit not only from AirQ’s real-time sensing capabilities, but also from AirQ’s extensive set of benchmarks that includes air quality data measured at more than 200 different business locations.

About AirQ:
AirQ is focused on indoor air quality measurement to help companies reduce the infection risks of indoor spaces, and support their back-to-work planning. Launched in August 2020, AirQ has rapidly developed an all-in-one sensor that continuously measures and logs 10 different variables that impact indoor air quality and safety. AirQ continues to monitor emerging research on infection control and airborne transmission to help customers make decisions based on data collection and current scientific evidence.


Teresa Ascencao

Alan Majer

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